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Welcome to LesCookMore, a personal cooking blog project that grew from the Instagram handle @LesEatMore. Here, you can find
easy dinner recipes, and ideas for breakfast or any time of the day. The recipes are easy for skillet or pot cooking, and dishes can be

shared for two or more. Because sharing is caring.

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I live to eat, and not the other way around. While I enjoy dining in restaurants and partaking home-cooked meals, cooking came a bit later in my life, when I was taking a postgraduate course in New York and basically had to learn the basics of cooking in order to stretch my paltry student savings. :-P So, from learning the basics like boiling rice, to cooking eggs, to pasta combinations, I became more emboldened through the years to experiment with different recipes and learn from books and people.

For me, a good way to understand different cuisines and train the palate is to go to markets and shops in different cities and see where the lines are teeming with a cacophony of language and laughter.  Find out where locals go to eat and drink, not just tick off a fine dining place or buzzed-about restaurant on a checklist. It's also a good idea to wander off and see where your nose (and tummy) takes you. A curious mind and an open heart are key to enjoying good food and beverage, along with convivial conversations with people I care about. 

This site serves as a repository of sorts for recipes I have collected and tried from different inspirations, be it a person, a publication or a place. It would be wonderful to expand this to personal essays and recipe contributions as well. For now, the recipes featured here are bits and pieces of history, memory and personal experience. Enjoy, and eat well!


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Thanks for your interest in LesCookMore. If you would like to get regular updates on recipes and essays, or contribute, feel free to get in touch and I'll respond to you as soon as I can. Rest assured, your email addresses and messages will always be private and will only be used to send recipes, articles, or to reply to any queries you may have. You can also check out my Instagram account @LesEatMore and hashtag #LesEatMore for snapshots of dishes from home, a restaurant, cafe or bar.

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