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Raspberry Gin Fizz

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Gin has different characteristics that lend versatility to any drink. It helps to check a brand's ingredients and distillation process in order to mix and match gin with the right tonic water, fruit, herb and spice.

I like to keep a decent-sized gin collection at home for anytime the mood kicks in, and for entertaining friends -- not a good idea in this time of social distancing and shelter in place; however, you can always organise a time for a virtual gin-o-clock with friends and family over a preferred communication platform.

For a fail-proof gin cocktail to lift your mood, Hendrick's Gin is highly recommended for its elegant mix of botanicals. Aside from traditional ingredients of juniper berries, coriander and citrus, Hendrick's also has cucumber, chamomile and rose petal extracts. So unique, right? Coincidentally, one of its master distillers is also named Lesley. :D

It's usually best to pair Hendrick's Gin with Fever Tree elderflower tonic water, to coax out the elderflower flavour in the gin, but if this is not possible due to limited product availability in the supermarket or your neighbourhood deli, any tonic water will do. You can also be a bit more experimental and add a tart fruit to the mix, like raspberries, to jazz up the drink, plus, the natural pink hue mixed with the spirits looks really pretty on a glass. Play some electro-swing tunes on Spotify, and feel the effervescence lift your mood.



2 shots Hendrick's Gin

150 ml tonic water

1 large ice cube

1 tablespoon frozen raspberries

Pour 2 shots of Hendrick's Gin on a glass filled with ice. Pour tonic water and top with raspberries. Stir twice. Serve.


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